Our Programs


Across all age ranges, our programs provide a child-centred environment where each child is encouraged to actively explore through play. A wide range of activities and materials are available for children to enhance and promote independence, as well as to encourage individual creativity. We believe the way a child plays with and manipulates materials – the process the child uses – is more important than the final outcome or product. Our programs involve following the children’s lead by planning and implementing activities that are based on the children’s interests. We foster children’s development through activities that will stimulate cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, social/emotional and language development. Our programs take into account the needs of individual children and the needs of the group of children in each room. We provide activities in a variety of interest areas, including:

  • active and quiet activities
  • creative experiences
  • musical activities
  • science activities
  • sensory activities
  • physical activities
  • language experiences
  • outdoor play
Learning through play poster
This poster created by our staff members shows some of the ways that children develop and apply their skills in different areas.

Our staff members in each program develop a new plan of activities each week. These plans are posted for all parents and caregivers to see which activities are planned for your child.


Music offers an entertaining way for children to learn, move and express themselves.

Every week, Music Michael, our resident musician, visits each room to perform live music with the children, including songs, animal sounds and instruments. He has been performing and creating music for children for more than 15 years.

We also incorporate music often in our programs throughout the week.

Movement Education

We recognize the importance of keeping kids moving, whether it’s through dance or outdoor play.

Every week, we welcome Monkeynastix to provide a special session of active time for each room. Monkeynastix offers a fun, non-competitive movement education program for children ages one to eight years.

Outdoor Play

Our centre has its own large, fenced outdoor playground, and outdoor time is an important part of every day when weather permits. Infants, toddlers and preschoolers each have their own outdoor space, equipped with play structures, toys and shade canopies.

Except in the most inclement weather, the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Child Care and Early Years Act (which replaced the former Day Nurseries Act) requires that we take every child outdoors for at least two hours per day while in our care.

Our infants go outside in the morning for about one hour. They either go for a ride in the stroller in the neighbourhood or use their playground. On the playground, they can play with riding toys, pails, shovels, large blocks and much more.

Our toddlers and preschoolers go outside on the playground twice a day – once in the morning and again in the afternoon. We provide an abundance of gross motor activities for the children, including riding toys and toboggans (in the winter months). The toddler playground and the preschool playground each has a climbing structure. We also set up a variety of other activities for children, such as creative art, sensory, dramatic and fine motor activities.

To ensure that weather is permitting, in summer months, we call Environment Canada to check smog and humidex advisories before going outside. If the advisories are too high, we plan indoor activities. In winter months, we contact Environment Canada to check the temperature and wind chill. If it is too cold, children remain indoors for alternate activities.