Toddler Program

Age: 18 months to 30 months
Number of children: Can provide care for up to 15 children (one room)


Much like the infant program, our toddler program offers a flexible curriculum where children are free to actively explore their surroundings and interact with peers and staff members, while feeling safe and secure. Our focus continues to be on developing fine motor and gross motor skills, physical coordination, language development and social interaction. As your toddler learns to communicate, we encourage language development through a variety of experiences, such as books and singing.

Children in the toddler room engage in a variety of activities, such as painting, cutting, gluing and colouring. We provide children with diverse sensory experiences, such as goop, water play and play dough. We also encourage independence by assisting children to develop self-help skills. We incorporate this skill development in our program’s daily routines, such as lunchtime, toilet training, nap time and dressing for outdoor play.